Judith Hamilton’s 30 year career in the technology sector taught her the value of reinvention, which led to her current life of immersion in photography, nature conservation, and travel.  She was CEO of several small Silicon Valley based firms and served on many private, public and not-for-profit boards including Wildlife Conservation Society and The National Park Foundation.

She is a graduate of the Intensive Photography Program at Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana.  She has taken numerous additional workshops and classes there and at Santa Fe School of Photography and The Maine Photographic Workshop.

Her work has been displayed in various venues including a six-month display of Endangered Animals at Google headquarters. She has two permanent exhibits of wildlife on display at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation in Palo Alto, Mothers and Babies and Endangered Animals.  

Her book, “Animals A2Z”, was distributed at the Bronx Zoo and the Central Park Zoo in New York and her images have been printed in magazines and calendars. 

Her second book, “Animal Expressions,” couples a collection of photographs of wild animals with quotations that describe the animals’ expressions. 

Proceeds from the sale of her work go to Wildlife Conservation Society where she has been a trustee for 15 years. Her book “Animal Expressions” may be purchased from JudithHallHamilton@gmail.com and from Amazon. It also can be ordered at any Barnes & Noble store - some of them also carry copies for sale. Additionally, October and November 2018 it will be available in 24 airport bookstores in Tampa, Miami and Boston.

Judy’s third book, “Everyday is Mother’s Day” will be published in 2019.