Animal Expressions


"Animal Expressions" is a collection of my wildlife photography with interesting quotations that interpret the expressions of the animals. Recently I read Charles Darwin's book, "The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals" published in 1872. I was amazed to learn most people in that era believed animals did not have emotions.
When I studied my photographs of wild animals, I could see expressions on their faces like joy, curiosity, suspicion, love, and happiness. This insight inspired me to author this book. It is my hope that you enjoy it and appreciate the emotional side of animals.

Many of these photographs were taken at some of the 550 sites around the world where Wildlife Conservation Society ( works to save wildlife and habitats. Half of the proceeds from this book
will be donated to WCS to help them continue their work.

At this time, if you live in the Silicon Valley area you can obtain this book from Los Gatos Bookstore, Ladera Giftshop in Portola Valley, and Pride Carwash Gift stores in Redwood City. In the Naples, Florida area, you can obtain the book from Imagine Gift shop on Tamiami Trail.  You may also order this book from Amazon or from me directly at It also can be ordered at any Barnes & Noble store - some of them also carry copies for sale.

To see more images from this book you can visit the Animal Expressions gallery on this site.